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Hello there!  Thanks for stopping by.  This website supports the Fine Until Kindergarten book and research information.  Please take a look at the BrainParenting Publishing website for upcoming books.

As the parent of a child who learns differently, I’ve spent well over a decade navigating the various systems involved in educating, diagnosing, supporting, and helping our children grow and learn.  I’m amazed by how complex the system is — still!  And I’m constantly hearing from parents who are just starting out, and who are absolutely overwhelmed.

Fine Until Kindergarten is a short guide to the whole shebang.  It covers pretty much everything that you’ll deal with as the parent of a child with LD.  It’s written for the parent, and talks about pathways to success, explains how the educational system works, and describes best-practice strategies used by LD parents to ensure their child’s success. It’s very well-researched, with over 170 clickable links that you can follow to read more, and it tells you the best and most valuable books to read, and experts to listen to.

All over America, on parenting forums, parents who are just discovering that their child learns differently are starting to take baby steps toward understanding what this means.  This book can save those parents years of their time.

This website will talk about what’s inside the book, our research, and what we think are the best resources around.

Fine Until Kindergarten is the first book in a series.  Expect two more books out in 2018.  Follow the BrainParenting Facebook page for more information.

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