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Your child is having trouble learning.
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1 in 8  Children have Learning Differences

Children with learning differences are bright, but don't learn in the same way that schools teach.

It's like having a left-handed brain.

Problems learning to read, write, do math, memorize, and spell.

Problems sitting still, listening, understanding, & remembering.

Problems with fine motor skills, maturity, and social skills.

When you learn differently, the first few years of school are the hardest.

Help your Child

Right Away!

Fine Until Kindergarten

is a roadmap for parents

Fine Until Kindergarten starts right at the beginning. 

Parents of LD children have to learn a lot.  We can save you time, and help you become effective–immediately.

 We guide you through what you should know about general brain maturity, the educational system, how a diagnosis works, and your child's legal rights. You'll also learn about how to help support your child's  unique learning.  

The book includes:

 *    How to work with your child's teacher and the school,

 *    How to get  problems noticed, tested, and helped. 

 *    What to ask for, what words to use, what letters to write

*     How to keep your family, your child, and yourself balanced and productive

Fine Until Kindergarten is a book for parents who want to help their child, starting today.  

Fine Until Kindergarten: A Parent's First Guide to Learning Differences is a field guide for parents.  Easy to understand, with pointers to everything you'll need, and over 150 footnote-links to further learning. It's a book that can save you years–and can help you avoid a lot of frustration.


"This is a great book. Any parent, teacher, grandparent, or anyone else who wants to learn about learning differences, run, right now, and buy this book.  Concise, yet comprehensive; reader-friendly, yet not dumbed down; upbeat and positive, yet inclusive of the struggles involved—and wise. A brilliant and stunning contribution."
Edward Hallowell, M.D., New York Times Bestselling Author and ADHD Expert.

Your Pathway to Success.

Fine Until Kindergarten gives you immediate information on how to start helping.


Get actions and ideas to be more effective— starting today.

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