What Can You Do
When Your Child Learns Differently?

A Parent's First Guide to Learning Differences

Does your child have  problems with reading, handwriting, following directions, sitting quietly, spelling, or math?

1 out of every 8 children has a diagnosable learning difference or learning disability.

If your child is having trouble learning, there's a big chance that he or she has an LD.  
Learning shouldn't be hard for young children.

How can you help your child?

FINE UNTIL KINDERGARTEN tells you where to start.

Fine Until Kindergarten: A Parent's First Guide to Learning Differences is now available on Amazon, in either paperback or as an ebook.

One out of every 12 children has a learning disability or learning difference (LD). And there's finally a pragmatic, friendly guide that helps parents quickly learn how to support their LD children.

Parents and children typically discover LD in early grammar school with learning failure, teacher reports, and behavior problems. The first few years can be the hardest, because parents often are learning from scratch. Instead of discovering how to support your child piecemeal —with many mistakes and regrets—Fine Until Kindergarten introduces parents to the entire LD situation and how to deal with it, in a non-intimidating, clear fashion.

Here is the information to make your parenting and support more effective—starting right now.  

Written by a parent, and based upon information from hundreds of other parents, thought leaders, and studies, this book describes:
*   Protecting your child
*   Getting LDs diagnosed
*   How to communicate with schools and teachers
*   Claiming RTI, 504, or IEP support
*   What they don't tell you about LD

The appendices contain information needed by every parent and many professionals, including:
*   What's inside of every LD diagnosis, in pictures
*   A summary of LD symptoms
*   An overview of the Whole Child Diagnostic approach to LDs
*   A table listing the professionals involved in LD, describing their qualifications and what they can diagnose.

Practical  tips on how to be effective and retain your sanity.

In addition to an overview and action guide, Fine Until Kindergarten provides parents with a map for future learning. The book contains urls or links to over 150 research sources, including the best books for parents.

We give you bonus research, references, and resources

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