​Finally, a guide for parents!
How do you start to help
when your child learns differently?

Fine Until Kindergarten:
A Parent's First Guide to Learning Differences


Fine Until Kindergarten: A Parent's First Guide to Learning Differences is currently in production cycle.  Expect it in 2016 .

Think about learning problems for a minute. Reading, handwriting, understanding and following directions, sitting quietly, spelling, and math.

Now think about this:  1 in 8.

That's how many children have diagnosable learning differences and learning disabilities.

If your child is having trouble learning, there's a big chance that he or she learns differently.  Our schools and laws are set up to support children who learn differently, but where can parents learn how to support their children?

Fine Until Kindergarten is the overview book for parents. 

Fine Until Kindergarten includes a description of learning differences and the educational system, an overview of the IEP/504 process, and well-grounded advice on charting waters, being effective, and retaining sanity.

Grammar school is one of the hardest times for children with learning differences, and Fine Until Kindergarten teaches parents what they need to know. The book describes how to protect your child from "no-win" school situations; how to manage teacher relationships and communicate effectively with schools; and how to find and develop your child's strengths. It also gives you a consumer's overview to doctors and therapeutic professionals: who they are and what they do.

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We're Distributing Our Research

We've collected information for over a decade on the best ways to diagnose, support, teach, and advocate for children who learn differently, We'll be sharing lists of our research on our Reader's list.  Join us!

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