Fine Until Kindergarten

Fine Until Kindergarten


Catherine Mikkelsen is a mom, writer and researcher who writes about being more effective, and about helping your LD child learn.


Catherine has  been working with information and groups of people since she was an evangelist for Steve Jobs' NeXT Computer in the Silicon Valley. Her background includes newspapers, corporations, nonprofits, and school districts.  She loves makes complex information accessible and believes that people need to share stories.  

In addition to writing, Catherine teaches gardening (including executive function and management skills!) to LD children, travels as extensively as possible, cooks, laughs, hikes with her kid, and takes her dog, Paxil, on jaunts.

Email Catherine at [email protected]

BrainParenting is publishing a series of short, understandable books that help parents maneuver through the too-complex world of child learning challenges, so they can focus on helping their children grow and thrive. Our books give parents the big picture and parent-tested advice on how to succeed, and our Kindle books incorporate clickable internet knowledge, so parents have both context and resources.

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