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Putting Lists onto the Freebies Page

If you click on the Freebies page, you’ll see several lists.  Those lists contain some of the working research that we use every day.  If there is anything that you want to see, please just drop us a line at cat at and we’ll see if we have it. There are also two appendices […]

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Learning to Support Your LD Child

When I first learned that my child had a LD, I was shocked and upset.  If you go onto the internet and type in “is there a cure for learning disability,” all the results tell you is that there is NO CURE.  I didn’t know if this meant my child would never amount to anything, […]

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Welcome to the Fine Until Kindergarten Blog

Hello there!  Thanks for stopping by.  This website supports the Fine Until Kindergarten book and research information.  Please take a look at the BrainParenting Publishing website for upcoming books. As the parent of a child who learns differently, I’ve spent well over a decade navigating the various systems involved in educating, diagnosing, supporting, and helping […]

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