Fine Until Kindergarten

Fine Until Kindergarten

Your child is having trouble learning.
What do you do?

Fine Until Kindergarten: A Parent's First Guide to Learning Differences

Words from Our Readers

"No matter where you are in your own LD journey, this book will make it easier to survive with your sanity, your marriage, and your relationship with your child intact.  I cannot recommend it highly enough."

"It's short and sweet and easy to digest." 

"What's really helpful about this book is the clear advice for working with teachers, psychologists and schools, for developing an understanding of your child's learning differences and needs both at school and at home, and for how to become effective at advocating for the learning needs of your child." 

"This book gathers up all of the hidden information that parents need and makes it short, simple, and easy to understand. Whether your child has been diagnosed or not, this book will help."

"My favorite quote: 'Sometimes the most important role of a parent is to hold off pressures until your child matures.'"

What's Inside the Book?

Take Control of Your LD Parenting

Unexpected school performance worries put parents into a reactive role.  It's easy to continue on reactively, with homework troubles every night, reports of problems from teachers, and the inevitable emotional upheaval that comes from a child who is failing.

File Until Kindergarten helps parents get in front of the problem.  It gives the long view of LD parenting, and helps parents use their time and energy strategically.  Getting teachers to acknowledge problems and help, identifying learning problems and supporting the child, and claiming support for your child are all big jobs, and this book means that parents don't need to face them on their own.

Advice You Can Use Today

Full of advice and insights from parents who have raised children with LD, almost every page of Fine Until Kindergarten contains information that parents can use to improve their child's situation today, but the book can be re-read, because it offers wisdom and guidance for each parent's unique path to success for their particular child.

An Overview to the World of LD Parenting

Fine Until Kindergarten gives the reader an overview to the entire situation they face as parents of a child who is having problems.  No parent encounters a problem in isolation.  What are your family's goals? What is your child's personality? What are your child's strengths (and yes, there are always strengths), in addition to the weaknesses?  

Learn New Parenting Skills

Raising a child with learning differences teaches parents many new skills.  You'll learn to work with professionals who will evaluate your child, and you'll learn to do your own homework, so that you can understand what they're telling you. You'll also learn to analyze your child's school and homework struggles, to pinpoint specific skills that you can strengthen and support.  And you'll learn that you know what works for your child more than anybody else -- and that your opinion is valuable and necessary.

Fine Until Kindergarten supports you, the parent, as you learn new skills and gain strength.

Starts You on a Quicker Pathway to Success

Without help, it can take years to claim support for a child in the educational system.  Laws support a child's access to learning, and children can qualify for testing, accommodations, modifications, and even special programs.  But schools won't tell you how to get this support.  

When you're just starting out, it can seem overwhelming. Fine Until Kindergarten starts at the very beginning, walking you through the process so that you can understand how it should work, and then providing you with resources so that you can make it happen. 

Things They Don't Tell You about LD

Many LD children share the same problems, especially when they're younger. Problems learning multiplication, tying shoes, learning to read a clock.  It's important that parents understand that these problems are seen in almost every child with LD -- not just your child.

LD children show many strengths as they mature.  Some of these strengths are tied to how they learn, but other strengths are tied to how the child faces adversity.  Chapter 3 tells you the result of studies testing successful people.  

We have an entire chapter that talks about the role of maturity in LD, why children are referred to occupational therapists, and how people are working to help their children learn.  We also have appendices to help you understand what's inside of a diagnosis, what is a "whole child diagnosis," and who are the specialists who are available to help.

Get Free Research and Resources!

Free! Bibliography from Fine Until Kindergarten

Fine Until Kindergarten is based upon rigorous research from many different sources, including parents.  It includes links to studies, thought leaders and their books, reports on how to educate children with LDs, and even checklists and lists of accommodations.  It's the perfect way to start your journey as a LD parent. You can read this bibliography -- containing links to every piece of research -- for free.

Free! Guide to Doctors and Specialists

How can you be sure that you're seeing the right type of specialist?  Unfortunately, many of us can't ask our friends or family, because our child's learning differences are unique.  We've combed through information from all different diagnoses to discover which types of specialists diagnose, and can treat each LD issue.  Our table tells you what the specialist's training is, and includes a link to the certifying organization, so you can check out your professionals. 

Free! What's Inside Your Child's Diagnosis?

LD test results don't always use the same terms, and when parents are first told about a LD diagnosis, many find the terms confusing.  In this appendix, every diagnosis is shown as an umbrella.  In order to qualify for a diagnosis, your child has demonstrated one or more weaknesses that lay beneath that umbrella.  Do you know which ones?  These diagrams are made for you to look over your child's diagnosis and understand exactly where measured weaknesses lie.  That information can help you chart a path to success.

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Your efforts make all the difference for your child. Make sure you're informed and effective.

If your child has trouble learning, where do you start?

Some children have unexpected problems learning in school. These often indicate a learning difference or learning disability.  Children with learning differences are often quite bright, but they don't learn in the same way that schools teach.

It's like having a left-handed brain.

When it comes to helping our children succeed, parents report feeling overwhelmed. There are hundreds of books you can read, each explaining one piece of the situation.  Fine Until Kindergarten gives you a pathway and an overview for future learning and action.  How can you be most effective?

Our book and newsletters help parents be more effective -- starting today. 

Fine Until Kindergarten: A Parent's First Guide to Learning Differences

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